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OpenSolr - Hosted Solr Cloud Solutions, Worldwide
Pricing - Hosted Solr as a Service Solutions
Opensolr Documentation Blog
Opensolr Registration - Instant Solr Cloud Setup
Corporate Solr Cloud Solutions
OpenSolr Terms and Conditions of use
Privacy Policy -
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Opensolr Index Analytics | Blog
022 pages
Opensolr Backup Manager | Blog
Add HTTP Auth to Resilient Cluster | Blog
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Opensolr Site Search and Web Crawler Solution | Blog
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How to index rich text format documents from Drupal | Blog
How to enable solr replication | Blog
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Opensolr Sitecore Integration | Blog
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Get started with opensolr | Blog
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Drupal Known Issues | Blog
Solr Index with HTTP Authentication | Blog
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Opensolr REST API | Blog
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Protect your solr index data | Blog
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Laravel / Solarium / Vue / Opensolr Search Engine Sample Code | Blog
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Opensolr Index Analytics | Blog
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How to import data from XML files into your SOLR collection | Blog
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How to use with Drupal | Blog
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Blog | OpenSolr Wiki
Blog | Sitecore
Blog | Opensolr and Drupal
Blog | Resilient Cluster
Blog | Uploading Data
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How to setup solr MySQL data importer | Blog
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Upload rich text format documents into your Opensolr Index | Blog
Upload & import data from CSV to your Opensolr index | Blog
Edit or upload solrconfig.xml to my Resilient Cluster | Blog
091 page
How to setup solr MySQL data importer | Blog
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API-Server Management
External integration issues
Account Security
API-Backup Management
API-Cluster Management
API-Config Files
API-Index Management
API-Logs & Analytics
API-Web Crawler
Data Security
Opensolr and Drupal
OpenSolr Wiki
Resilient Cluster
Solr Config Files
Web Crawler
Wordpress WPSOLR
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External integration issues
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Drupal Known Issues Clip
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Opensolr Index fails to reload when AnalyzingInfixSuggester is used as a Suggester
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ICU library erorrs
1081 page
Opensolr Connection Issues
1041 page
Undefined field _text_
971 page
Content length exceeds upload limit of 2048 KB
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Support for auto phrase tokenfilter jar
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How do I add a lib jar file
511 page
Data won't get indexed.
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SolrCloud mode in Opensolr
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GDPR Privacy Agreement
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Get list of available environments and servers
871 page
Delete Environment
861 page
Provision Opensolr Cloud Environment
661 page
Ping an opensolr server
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How to enable Two Factor Authentication
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Get list of OpenSolr Index Backup files
581 page
Create OpenSolr Index Backup
601 page
Download OpenSolr Index backup file
841 page
Create Resilient Cluster
731 page
Delete core configuration file from the server
761 page
Get all the configuration files list from the server
771 page
Upload solr configuration via zip archive
721 page
Upload or update your opensolr configuration files
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Get a list of your OpenSolr Indexes
811 page
Get Index Details, Info and Stats
741 page
Reload a core - also used for troubleshooting
1131 page
Get Server Country List
671 page
Optimize a SOLR index
651 page
Commit data for a SOLR core
681 page
Get full status of a SOLR core
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Create New Solr Index or SolrCloud Collection
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Delete OpenSolr Index
571 page
Replicate OpenSolr Index
1141 page
Get Index Request Handlers
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Get the server error log
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Get Index Request Log
631 page
Update HTTP Auth
641 page
Remove HTTP Auth
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Add IP access rule for a SOLR core
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Get IP list for a SOLR core
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Remove IP access rule for a SOLR core
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​Trigger Start the Web Crawler
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​Trigger Stop the Web Crawler
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Opensolr Post Paid Billing System
981 page
Account upgrade and refund policy
961 page
Update Payment method
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Our Solr Cloud Services
821 page
Update email address on invoice
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Update billing information
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Solr Cloud Free Membership
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Solr Cloud Dedicated Plans
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Solr Cloud data security
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Magento Solrbridge Integration
1091 page
Drupal 6.x strings and integers
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Drupal Connection Configuration Issue
Drupal Connection Configuration Issue
371 page
Solr Cloud Drupal Config Files Setup
1071 page
SolrCloud mode in Opensolr
1001 page
Troubles with login or placing new solr cloud order
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How to delete data by query
541 page
What solr versions does Opensolr Provide
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JTS Polygonal Geo-Spatial search support
381 page
I can't see any analytics in my account.
321 page
How can I save Transfer Bandwidth?
331 page
How can I save disk space for my index?
831 page
Add Resilient Cluster
1051 page
Can not update/upload configuration files
1061 page
Solr Configuration Files Dependency Flow
881 page
Move from managed-schema to schema.xml
891 page
Move from schema.xml to managed-schema
531 page
My schema.xml doesn't take effect
461 page
Opensolr Site Search Solution
941 page
Web crawler doesn't work
851 page
Index custom file
301 page
What fields does your WebCrawler index?
1151 page
Opensolr Web Crawler Standards
901 page
Wordpress integration with Wp solr
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Login | Users
Reset Password
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Login | Users
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Bbc Opensolr - cloud search engine
Ziar Opensolr - cloud search engine
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REST API - Upload zip archive containing config files form
REST API - Upload single config files form
REST API - Index a File or URL