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Solr Cloud hosting in Datacenters Worldwide
Pricing - Dedicated Solr Cloud Solutions
Search Appliance Services in the cloud
Opensolr Documentation Blog
Contact the opensolr support team - Solr enterprise Cloud, professional custom software implementation
Get started with your opensolr cloud hosting for your solr indexes
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Pricing - Shared Solr Cloud Solutions
Contact the opensolr support team - Solr enterprise Cloud, professional custom software implementation
Opensolr Documentation
Solr Resilient Cluster Diagram
Contact the opensolr support team - Solr enterprise Cloud, professional custom software implementation
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Drupal and opensolr - Getting started and opensolr with drupal key features | Blog
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Solr Index with HTTP Authentication | Blog
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Opensolr Index Analytics | Blog
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New Web Crawler for PDF files, Media files and more | Blog
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Opensolr Backup Manager | Blog
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Blog | OpenSolr Wiki
Blog | Uploading Data
Blog | Resilient Cluster
Blog | Opensolr and Drupal
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Upload rich text format documents into your Opensolr Index | Blog
Upload data from CSV to your Opensolr index | Blog
Edit or upload solrconfig.xml to my Resilient Cluster | Blog
Add HTTP Auth to Resilient Cluster | Blog
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Drupal Known Issues | Blog
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How to enable solr replication | Blog
How to index rich text format documents from Drupal | Blog
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Protect your solr index data | Blog
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How to use with Drupal | Blog
How to import data from XML files into your SOLR collection | Blog
How to setup solr MySQL data importer | Blog
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FAQ - API-Server Management
FAQ - Web Crawler
FAQ - API-Index Management
FAQ - Pricing
FAQ - Account Security
FAQ - API-Backup Management
FAQ - API-Cluster Management
FAQ - API-Config Files
FAQ - API-Logs & Analytics
FAQ - API-Security
FAQ - API-Web Crawler
FAQ - Billing
FAQ - Data Imports
FAQ - Data Security
FAQ - External integration issues
FAQ - Index Optimization
FAQ - Opensolr and Drupal
FAQ - OpenSolr Wiki
FAQ - Resilient Cluster
FAQ - Solr Config Files
FAQ - Spellcheck and other solr features
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FAQ - Pricing
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FAQ - Our Solr Cloud Services
FAQ - Our Solr Cloud Services
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FAQ - What do I get as a Free User?
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FAQ - What do I get with a Simple Dedicated Plan?
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FAQ - Delete Environment
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FAQ - Provision Opensolr Cloud Environment
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FAQ - Ping an opensolr server
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FAQ - Upload or Update your custom configuration files for a SOLR core
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FAQ - Upload a new file for crawling and indexing
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FAQ - Delete core configuration file from the server
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FAQ - Get all the configuration files list from the server
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FAQ - Upload zip archive containing your solr configuration files
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FAQ - Does the web crawler follow and index pdf files or other rich text format documents?
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FAQ - What fields does your WebCrawler index?
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FAQ - Get Index List
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FAQ - Get Index Info and Stats
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FAQ - Reload a core - also used for troubleshooting
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FAQ - Optimize an SOLR index
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FAQ - Commit data for a SOLR core
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FAQ - Get full status of a SOLR core
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FAQ - Create New Solr Index
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FAQ - Delete OpenSolr Index
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FAQ - Replicate OpenSolr Index
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FAQ - Get list of OpenSolr Index Backup files
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FAQ - Create OpenSolr Index Backup
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FAQ - Download OpenSolr Index backup file
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FAQ - Create Resilient Cluster
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FAQ - Get the server error log
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FAQ - Get Index Request Log
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FAQ - Update HTTP Auth
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FAQ - Remove HTTP Auth
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FAQ - Add IP access rule for a SOLR core
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FAQ - Get IP list for a SOLR core
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FAQ - Remove IP access rule for a SOLR core
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FAQ - ​Trigger Start the Web Crawler
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FAQ - ​Trigger Stop the Web Crawler
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FAQ - How do I change the email address on my invoice?
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FAQ - How do I update my billing information or download my invoices?
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FAQ - How do I setup Dataimport from MySQL, XML, PDF, or other data-sources with opensolr?
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FAQ - What type of data security do you offer?
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FAQ - How do I add a lib jar file
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FAQ - Do you support the Lucidworks: auto-phrase-tokenfilter-1.0.jar
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FAQ - Data won't get indexed.
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FAQ - How can I save Transfer Bandwidth?
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FAQ - How can I save disk space for my index?
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FAQ - Setup my OpenSolr index to work with Drupal.
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FAQ - What solr versions does Opensolr Provide
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FAQ - Why use Opensolr instead of AWS, Amazon search
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FAQ - Do you provide access to the default Solr Admin?
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FAQ - How do I add a new resilient cluster to my environment?
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FAQ - My schema.xml doesn't take effect
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FAQ - Move from managed-schema to schema.xml
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FAQ - Move from schema.xml to managed-schema
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FAQ - Does Opensolr support the JTS Polygonal Geospatial search?
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FAQ - I can't see any analytics in my account.
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FAQ - How to use Opensolr with Wordpress, WP-SOLR
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FAQ - How to enable Two Factor Authentication
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REST API - Index Crawler File or URL
REST API - Upload config files form