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When uploading your Drupal config files you will probably sometimes notice an error about: "Cannot perform reload core", and then something about a WriteLock.
There are a couple of VITAL issues in the new Drupal config files.

  1. _version_ field should always be string. (NOT long)
  2. solrconfig_extra.xml should never use the AnalyzingInfixLookupFactory

So, please:

- Remove this line from solrconfig_extra.xml before uploading it to opensolr:


- Replace long with string in schema.xml for the _version_ field type.

Just make sure that you have uploaded the solr config files that your drupal module has provided for you.
To upload your files, simply head on to your OpenSolr control panel, click on your index name, and then click on the Config Files Editor tab.

Once there, you should be able to see a dialog like this:

NOTE: Your files have to be inside of a valid ZIP archive.

After the upload, you will receive upload confirmation messages for each file inside your ZIp archive.
In case of an error, you wil receive the full java error stack-trace, so that you can easily identify the errors inside your configuration files.

We recommend you use a JSON Prettyfier extension for your browser. Preferably you could use one of chrome's extenstions for that.