Enterprise Solr Cloud Solutions

Powerful, Scalable, Unmatched Performance, for the most complex High Availability and Multi-Region Failover systems.

High Availability in Standalone mode

This is a bespoke solution, in which, we manage your Solr indexes on dedicated, private infrastructure.
It will ensure Load Balancing, Multi-Region Failover Replication and Read-Write Separation, all this, fully automated.
Our Solr experts at OpenSolr will gather your requirements and realise them with minimal upfront costs.
OpenSolr, Dedicated, Resilient Cloud Infrastructure

OpenSolr, Dedicated, Resilient Cloud Infrastructure

All In One

We don't only offer the Solr infrastructure, but, we also provide highly scalable infrastructure, for your Web applications or CMS/ERP/CRM systems in our cloud, following the same highly scalable Opensolr technology.

High Availability in SolrCloud Mode

This solution makes use of the SolrCloud mode, and is fully managed by Opensolr.
You won't get the full DIY, self-managed options as in the case of the Standalone Clusters,
however, you will get the full power of SolrCloud, and some very important Opensolr expert touches.
This is recommended, for custom solutions, where data distribution is a must.
OpenSolr, Dedicated, Resilient SolrCloud Mode Infrastructure

Complete Analytics Integration

We provide proprietary Analytics, and integrate with any major 3-rd party Analytics tools, such as agents from Sematext, Monitis and more.
Solr Analytics Integration

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Our Slack Community, is where we provide fully dedicated support, and guide you through your Solr Integration and deployment processes.
Join, and Learn from, our Solr expert consultants, always keen on helping you grow.