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Opensolr now provides a very nice way for users to manage their expenses, via our Post Paid Billing System.
Long story short, if you are at all familiar with the AWS Cloud, or the Ali-Baba Cloud, our system will work pretty much in the exact same manner.
The stats in the image below can be found in your opensolr control panel, under Billing->Post Paid Balance & Status

Please submit a request to support@opensolr.com in order to become a post-paid billing member.

Here's a demo screenshot that lists our post-paid pricing table, and the post-paid billing control panel.

When you Upgrade your Opensolr account, regardless of the recurring period (yearly or monthly), you will receive a refund for the remaining unused days of your previous membership, after your upgrade is complete, and refunds may take up to 24 hours to process, in order to audit for fraud or abuse.

This also applies in case one of your recurring charges has been rejected, and you chose to place a new order, instead of updating your biling information.
Please refer to updating your billing information to learn more.

Thank you.

If your payment has just been rejected, that could mean that your account will go back to a free member state very soon.
However, please note that in a free user state, no data is lost, and all your opensolr indexes remain intact.
However you might experience a certain downtime, due to the low limits of  a free account, especially if your free trial has ended.

In order to avoid any downtime, the best option is to simply place a new order, at https://opensolr.com/pricing

When placing a new order, you can use a new payment method, and the old order will be canceled and will no longer bill.
In case your previous, old order is still in effect and active, you will also receive a refund, for the remaining unused days of your previous membership.

All the above is being processed instantly.

Alternatively you might want to opt-in for yearly checkout, which also enables a certain discount for your purchase.

You can change all your billing details, here (including email address, credit card, and billing address):


You will need your active order number, that you can find your opensolr billing area , your last used card details OR the zip code used on the last purchase, in your case, in order to idenfity and modify your billing details.

This guide has been deprecated in favor of this

In order to change your billing details or download your invoices, please head on to:
Once there, enter your sale number, and the email address you used at registration, to identify yourself as an opensolr buyer.

You can find these details in your opensolr control panel billing page:

Once you're succesfully identified your order, go ahead and simply scroll down on that page, and click the link that says:
Update Billing Info

You'll also be able to see and download your invoices once there..