Opensolr Cloud Pricing
By Professionals, For Professionals. Ultimate Customization. Power Through Simplicity.

Go ahead and try it out.
Free for life!
1 Solr Index
50 Mb Disk Space
100 Mb Bandwidth
1 Site Search URL

For small sites and Solr enthusiasts
$11 /mo.
1 Solr Index
100 Mb Disk Space
5 Gb Bandwidth
HTTPS Security

Getting your team started with Solr
$35 /mo.
2 Solr Indexes
3 Gb Disk Space
20 Gb Bandwidth
Email Support

Ready to go Big(data) with Solr
$80 /mo.
4 Solr Indexes
12 Gb Disk Space
120 Gb Bandwidth
Dedicated Infrastructure
Email and Phone Support

HA, Scaling, Dedicated Support
from $450 /mo.
High Availability
Multi-Region Failover
Read-Write Separation
Dedicated Slack Channel
Fully Private Infrastructure
Dedicated Support Engineer
Application Load Balancing

Opensolr Support

The Best of Both Worlds

SolrCloud or Standalone, they both have their ups and downs.
We support both, in our fully automated system

SolrCloud or Standalone Solr Integration

Full Featured Control Panel

The Opensolr Control Panel, will provide you with the full functionality to get your Solr Cloud running in just minutes.
Opensolr Control Panel

Opensolr Support

Want To Know More?

We are always here, either via our Support Ticket system, Phone or Email, you can always count on our support!