Documentation > Solr Manager Control Panel > Create a new Solr Index via the Opensolr Control Panel

Creating a new Opensolr Index, is a very simple process.

You can do it either by using the Opensolr Control Panel, or, the Opensolr Automation REST API.

To create a new index, using the Opensolr Control panel you would simply follow the steps below.
In this example, we are creating a new index in US-EAST, Solr Version 7:

  • Login to your Opensolr Account

  • Click on the Control Panel link, at the top-right corner of your user menu.

    Solr Cloud Control Panel

  • Once inside your Control Panel Dashboard, click on the Add New link at the top of your Control Panel menu options.

    Add New Solr Index

  • Chose your desired region, solr version and country, by using the filters on the regions list.

    Select Opensolr Region

  • Click on the desired region found after filtering. Or you can click on Request Env. there, if you want to request a Solr envronment in a region, and for a Solr version that can not b e found while using our filters.

    Select Solr Cloud Region
  • Name your index, or leave the automatically generated index unique identifier as it is, and click on Add Index

    Name Solr Cloud Index

  • Click on your index name to go to your Index Control Panel

    Solr Cloud Index Control Panel

  • Once in your Control Panel, you will have to make sure you Update the Solr Configuration Files either by editing them live, or uploading a new Solr Configuration Zip Archive that you obtained from Drupal, or that you ahve setup yourself.

    Setup your Solr Configuration Files