Opensolr Post Paid Billing System

Opensolr now provides a very nice way for users to manage their expenses, via our Post Paid Billing System.
Long story short, if you are at all familiar with the AWS Cloud, or the Ali-Baba Cloud, our system will work pretty much in the exact same manner.
The stats in the image below can be found in your opensolr control panel, under Billing->Post Paid Balance & Status

Facts about Post-Paid vs Pre-Paid:

You have to manually pay the balance each month on post-paid. 

Pre-Paid is enrolling your payment method in a recurring payment which will automatically charge each month at the same date, so long as the payment method is valid. If it's invalid, your pre-paid goes automatically to post-paid.
You could get certain discounts on pre-paid (such as 15% for yearly orders), but then you might also be forced to purchase more disk or bandwidth than you really need to use.
Bandwidth is paid on pre-paid and post-paid alike. No difference there.
If you want to go for a dedicated environment you simply have to create it from your opensolr control panel at:
If you want to go dedicated on pre-paid we'll have to manually add the number of servers / environments to your permissions list, and then you'll be able to add them to your account.
On post-paid you can create as many environments as you like, and only pay for the running ones. You will also get a list of your environments that you can start/stop/delete.
You pay for the shared disk space only for indexes you create in the shared servers, otherwise if you create indexes in your dedicated machines you ONLY pay for reserved disk space, NOT for shared disk space.

Please submit a request to in order to become a post-paid billing member.

Here's a demo screenshot that lists our post-paid pricing table, and the post-paid billing control panel.