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Opensolr now provides the following solr versions:

- SOLR 4.0

- SOLR 4.10

- SOLR 5.1

- SOLR 6.1

We also provide any other solr version, or the latest solr version to date, for our Opensolr Resilient Cluster, enterprise, customers, upon request, for free.

Here's a screenshot on how to select a SOLR 6.1 server for your new Opensolr Index:

Solr version 6.1 in Oopensolr.com


Opensolr SaaS vs AWS Search

I will try my best to emphasise the main advantages of using a Solr/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, rather than using your own solr server (regardless of the provider: Either it's AWS, or DigitalOcean, Azure, etc…)
  1. Opensolr provides Solr as a service in various datacenters and using different providers. Therefore, people with applications worldwide, that aren't necessarily hosting their web applications / web sites in AWS, can still benefit from the Opensolr SaaS services, thus decreasing the business overall cost, by alleviating the need for servers management, and other such services that would otherwise be rendered by the user himself (of course this also applies for AWS users as well, who otherwise would have to manage the entire solr ecosystem themselves).
  2. Using a SaaS service (such as opensolr), will provide a full control panel interface, for managing all your standalone indexes, or your sharing clusters (should you ever need anything that large).
  3. Opensolr provides quick access to all configuration files via a web UI interface, as well as useful search analytics, index usage analytics, data and config backups, security via HTTPS/ HTTP Authentication, IP access lists, and many more features to make the management of your solr index(es) a breeze.
  4. At opensolr, we are passionate about SOLR, linux, and the magnificent world of the OpenSource. Therefore we will excel in support, both free, and premium. From Solr integrations, with any CMS or custom applications, to heavy Solr optimisation, web development, and web applications optimisation, will are able to provide all the needed services for our valued customers.
  5. There is a 24/7 support line for our customers, that will also ensure that any issues will be well taken care of, and will be addressed within the most of 1 hour.
  6. As stated above, our premium support team is also ready to help with solr integrations, solr customisation, such as installing new .jar solr plugins (such as Typo3, JTS Geo-spatial-Polygonal search, that do not come embedded in the default solr distributions), and even going the length to ensure your application is well connected and integrated into your opensolr ecosystem.
  7. Also, at opensolr, we're capable of setting up a custom, scalable and resilient solr infrastructure for you, that will serve the needs of your organisation. Therefore, Opensolr can take the power of AWS, OpenSource, Solr, and other cutting edge technologies (firewalls, load balancing systems, and so forth), to put them all to work for you, and mitigate your maintenance costs, on all of the them.
  8. And, last, but not least, there's also the price. Opensolr provides a fully customisable package structure where everyone can pay for what they use. While it's still a pre-paid package structure, we will always assist in helping you get the package that's right for you, based on the amount of data and resource/bandwidth usage estimates.
  9. Click the links below, to find some of the key features of Opensolr:
For any other questions regarding our service, please Contact our Support Department.