How do I setup Dataimport from MySQL, XML, PDF, or other data-sources with opensolr?

First of all, you can do this by using the Opensolr Web Crawler as explained below:


Otherwise, you'll have to login to your Opensolr Control Panel and simply click on your collection name.
Once inside your collection Tools area, just go to the Solr Configuration Files Tab

Once there, Select the db-data-config.xml file and setup your DataImporter, from any sources you like.

We support all the SOLR DataImport processors:
- Tika (Rich text format documents: PDF, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, Images, and so forth)
- And others

Please also refer to the solr Data Import Handler documentation for more details:

Also, here's a nice tutorial to import Rich Text Format documents directly from your server:

Once you have succesfuly configured your DataImporter, simply click on the Start Full Import button in the Core Info Tab.