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Opensolr offers these major types of hosted solr instances:

​Please contact us to learn more.

We offer a 15-day free trial, where you can setup 2 solr indexes in any of our shared opensolr cloud environments, using ANY solr version form 3.x to 7.x.
You also get 100 Mb Disk space per each index, and 500 Mb Monthly Bandwidth per each index.

Once your free trial is over, please choose one of our shared or dedicated solr cloud upgrade options.

The advantages of the simple dedicated solution over solr shared cloud are:

  • No limit on monthly bandwidth
    • however, abuses will be monitored and identified, also, any overload or data loss, caused by the user, will not fall under the opensolr responsability.
  • No limit on the disk space per index
    • however, you should note that you only get 100 Gb total for all your indexes crated inside the dedicated instance
  • Included backup support
    • you get to generate and download backups of your data and configuration files.
    • we will not store them for you, you'll have to generate and download them
  • Included analytics
  • Includes 1 free URL for the web crawler
  • Private server monitoring by our tech team
    • leads to better uptime / performance.