​Trigger Start the Web Crawler

​Trigger Start the Web Crawler

  1. GET https://opensolr.com/solr_manager/api/start_crawl
  2. Parameters:
    1. ​email - your opensolr registration email address
    2. api_key - your opensolr api_key
    3. ​core_name - the name of the core you wish to start the web crawler process for
    4. ignore_media - tell the web crawler to ignore any image files from crawling. possible values are 0 for including media files, or 1 for excluding media files
    5. resume - tell the web crawler if you want to resume the current crawl process, or start over. possible values are 0 to start over, or 1 to resume crawling from where it last left off.
    6. mode - the mode to crawl. possible values are: 1 or 2 or 3. Default value is 1.
      1. Crawl all DOMAIN links (full site crawl. follows all subdomains *.site.com, and all paths *.site.com/*)
      2. Crawl all HOST links (limits crawl to HOST only site.com and all it's paths, doesn't follow other subdomains)
      3. Crawl all PATH links (limits crawl to given PATH, site.com/path/ will not go outisde the /path/)
  3. Example: https://opensolr.com/solr_manager/api/start_crawl?email=&
    api_key=Please log in&core_name=my_solr_core&mode=1