Opensolr Sitecore Integration

Written by: Open Solr Administrator

In order to implement Opensolr with Sitecore, you will need to take the following into consideration:

- Sitecore integration only works with the Opensolr Dedicated Solr Cloud
- For security, we can either whitelist your sitecore server(s) IP addresses, OR we can enable HTTP AUTH for your server upon request.
- Please use this tool in order to provide us with your encrypted htpasswd credentials for your solr server.

- Sitecore uses default index naming such as sitecore_web_index, etc.
- Because Opensolr requires that all indexes remain unique, you will have to adapt your sitecore module, to use index names such as YOURPREFIX_web_index instead of sitecore_web_index (etc...)

- You will have to provide a zip archive containing your sitecore schema.xml and solrconfig.xml that we will setup for you in your indexes.

- You also have the ability to upload the zip configset archive via your Opensolr Index Control Panel, or via the Automation Rest APIs

- If anything fails, when updating your config files, make sure schema.xml and solrconfig.xml are for the solr version that you have selected when creating your environment, and then make sure you upload solrconfig.xml first and then schema.xml
Simply, zip them up in separate archives if needed, and either use the API or the online UI, because sometimes solr will complain about that and the order is important.

- Once all these prerequisites are met, we will provide the Solr connection URL that you will need to set inside your Sitecore app.
- Sitecore also uses managed-schema:
- You just need to tell solrconfig.xml in each of your indexes to use managed schema.
- Here's how you do that in opensolr:

Simply request your free PoC at to get started.