Opensolr Sitecore Integration

Written by: Open Solr Administrator

In order to implement Opensolr with Sitecore, you will need to take the following into consideration:

  • Sitecore integration only works with the Opensolr Dedicated Solr Cloud
  • For security, we can either whitelist your sitecore server(s) IP addresses, OR we can enable HTTP AUTH for your server upon request.
  • You will have to provide the following prerequisites:
    • Index names (a list of the sitecore indexes that you will use on both dev and prod environments. We will create your indexes as part of the initial setup.)
    • Note that index names must be unique throughout the Opensolr ecosystem. Therefore your indexes must be prefixed by your unique identifier. Example: UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER_sitecore_master_index, etc...
    • Solr config files: schema.xml and solrconfig.xml and/or any other solr config files that you need to apply to each index. (as a zip archive).
    • Solr version (assuming Solr 6.x)
    • AWS Region to setup your environments (US-EAST, US-WEST, etc...)
    • Use the link below to generate your .htpasswd file that we'll use to password protect your environments. You can create 2 .htpasswd files (one for dev and one for prod), in case you need different credentials on each instance.

Once all these prerequisites are met, we will provide the Solr connection URL that you will need to set inside your Sitecore app.

Simply request your free PoC at to get started.