Add HTTP Auth to Resilient Cluster

Written by: Open Solr Administrator

When managing a cluster, basically, you just have to make sure you setup HTTP Auth in all your replicas, and the master, or, simply just create another cluster, using the Create Cluster dialog:
This will give you the option to set a new HTTP Auth for your new cluster, and it will all be applied automatically, when creating a new cluster.


Or, follow these steps to update HTTP Auth in your existing cluster.


  • Click on your cluster name to get into your cluster control panel
  • Click on the Security tab, and then on Manage HTTP Auth


  • Enter your desired username and password and click the SAVE button
  • Click on the index list menu item
  • Enable replication between your cluster's master index and your replicas by clicking on the replication icon on your cluster


  • Select your replica (one at a time) from the drop-down list, and click on the Replicate


That's it! Your cluster should now have HTTP Auth.