Edit or upload solrconfig.xml to my Resilient Cluster

How to upload your new solrconfig.xml to your resilient cluster

Add HTTP Auth to Resilient Cluster

Here's how to enable HTTP Auth to your Opensolr Resilient Cluster

Drupal Known Issues

Drupal delivers faulty solr config files. Keep reading to learn how to fix the known issues of Drupal with Opensolr.

Drupal and opensolr - Getting started and opensolr with drupal key features

Are you still asking yourself: "How do I setup my opensolr index to work with drupal? Or any other CMS system for that matter..."? This will probably help with a step-by-step guide.

The following clip contains a quick demo on how to integrate opensolr with drupal, and, offers an insight about how to integrate with any other CMS or custom web application.

Solr Index with HTTP Authentication


Opensolr finally delivered the HTTP Authentication mechanism for every index! Best part: IT IS FREE! Keep reading to learn more!

New way to add your opensolr index

Here's the new, exciting way to add your opensolr index.

Solr Admin Panel

YES! The Good-Old Solr Admin Panel is NOW HERE. Keep reading to learn more

Opensolr and Magento SolrBridge

Here are the configurations that work with Opensolr version 4.10, and Magento SolrBridge

What's New In Opensolr.com

Find out what's new in our solr cloud service.

Solrconfig for drupal and Tika

This is the solrconfig.xml file that is being used for the drupal tika to extract rich text format documents.

How to enable solr replication

This explains how to easily setup secure solr replication OVER HTTPS between two of your opensolr indexes

How to index rich text format documents from Drupal

This video tutorial will demonstrate how to use opensolr, to index PDF, and other rich text format doucuments, using Apachesolr Drupal Attachments, and the remote opensolr Tika library.

How to use with Magento EE

The default schema.xml and solrconfig.xml that magento ee will provide will not fit for our SOLR 4.0 servers. Keep reading to learn how to integrate your magento ee with opensolr.

Google-like spell-check and search results using phonetic filters

How can I get the spell-check suggestions,  along with the search results for my misspelled search query, by making a new request to search for the spellcheck suggested word(s), OR by using phonetic filters?

Migrate to Opensolr

Keep reading to find out how you can migrate your Heroku , Websolr or Hosted Solr indexes over to Opensolr.com

Opensolr Private Cluster

We grow with you!
Either it's millions of products, or peta-bytes of data, our scalable solr clusters, can handle all the load.
Now you have the option to create your private cluster with just a few simple clicks. Management of the entire cluster, shards and replicas, has also never been easier.

Opensolr Index Analytics

Analytics is a great way to get some key information about how your index is being used on a daily basis.

Opensolr and Velocity

Build your own full-featured search engine in just a matter of minutes using opensolr and velocity.

How to index data

You now have your opensolr colelction created and you want to start indexing data. What do you do ?

Keep reading to find out !

New Web Crawler for PDF files, Media files and more

Our web crawler is now improoved by indexing any types of documents, from PDF, DOC, to mp4, or any other media files, and even zip / tar.gz archives.

Upload schema.xml using REST API

Find out how you can upload your config files individually using our REST APIs

Opensolr REST API

You can easily manage your index, create new indexes, enable replication, and take other actions, programatically, using our REST APIs. Keep reading to learn more about our REST API methods.

Opensolr predefined CMS templates

Opensolr now provides instant Apache Solr integration with the most popular CMS systems.

How to define new fields in schema.xml

Editing the schema.xml using opensolr.com is easy. This describes how to easily define new fields and edit your schema.xml to fit your needs.

EzCMD Applications

Ezcmd Apps aims to make it easier for IT professionals and everyone else, to perform every-day tasks or help with their job, on the web, by providing robust, reliable tools and web APIs, such as IP GeoLocation, DNS Hosting, DNS health diagnosis and many many more. Media tools, such image processing, video processing and others.

Protect your solr index data

Opensolr gives all users, the option to protect their index data by using IP access lists, HTTPS connectivity, and HTTP Authentication.
Find out how you can add or remove certain IP addresses from accessing your index, add HTTP Authentication, and keep your data safe at all times.

Enable spellcheck and other handlers

How to make sure that your index will support spellcheck, terms suggestion inside the schema.xml and also make sure that you enable the spellcheck in solrconfig.xml by adding the spellcheck component to your /select or /search request handler.

How to use with Drupal

Apparently using opensolr with drupal has been quite a challenge for some people.
It actually is not a challenge at all. All you have to do is simply use the drupal schema.xml and setup your collection information in your drupal solr module. And just rebuild your index.

It's that simple

How to import data from XML files into your SOLR collection

We've seen here how we may setup our MySQL data importer and import data directly from our MySQL database inside the opensolr generic collections.
In quite the same manner, we're about to see how we can import data from any XML file through the SOLR HttpDataSource.
All we have to do is setup the db-data-config.xml file to accept our XML files.

How to setup solr MySQL data importer

If you don't feel like creating your own data importer to import data from your SQL database to your SOLR collections, we've also integrated the DIH  - Data Import Handler which now helps you define your SQL connection and query, and import your data to SOLR with just a few clicks.