Dedicated Solr Cluster Solutions

The OpenSolr Resilient, Dedicated Solr Cluster is a bespoke solution, OpenSolr run and manages your Solr indexes on private, dedicated cloud infrastructure.
Our Resilient Dedicated Cluster system, will not only ensure load balancing between all your OpenSolr replica servers, but will automatically ensure read-write separation, thus, your write requests will never interfere with the front-end read requests.
This could be 1 server, or this could be 20 servers! Our Solr experts at OpenSolr will gather your requirements and realise them with minimal upfront costs.
You can also, click here to learn more about the multiple solr cloud platforms, we provide.
OpenSolr, Dedicated, Resilient Cloud Infrastructure

In order to use a resilient cluster, you will first have to apply for a Cluster Environment, after which, you can add your clusters to your Opensolr Cloud.

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