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Error loading class while saving solrconfig.xml

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I just had the hon-lucene-synonyms installed for my dedicated opensolr server, and now the solrconfig.xml file won't save, due to an error. According to the error log, the error looks like this: ClassNotFoundException: com.github.healthonnet.search.SynonymExpandingExtendedDismaxQParserPlugin.
asked Feb 27 in Solr Config Files by AnaS 1 flag

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Since, your jar library was installed in the core of our Opensolr instance, you should probably, refer to the class (in your solrconfig.xml or schema.xml file - wherever it's being referenced)  as just simply: class="solr.SynonymExpandingExtendedDismaxQParserPlugin"
instead of 

Hope this helps!

answered Feb 27 by Chip Ryan (690 points)
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