CPU usage of the index

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Hi guys,

I've been using OpenSolr for a few months now, but as my project gets bigger and bigger, I wonder how does the OpenSolr cloud actually perform. I see only "Bandwith usage", is it possible to monitor the response time for each request?

I am just wondering how to recognize the moment, when one index is just not enough for my project and I need to upgrade for a cluster solution.


asked Apr 25, 2017 in Other topics by anonymous

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Hello Michal,

Checkout our API, whereby you can see the request logs of your index: https://opensolr.com/faq/view/api-logs-analytics

Can you please drop me an email on presales@opensolr.com to discuss our dedicated offerings and how it might fit your requirements.


Opensolr Presales
answered Apr 25, 2017 by Opensolr Presales (140 points)
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And where exactly does the API provide info about the CPU?
Please see the answer from admin
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Hey there

FYI, Opensolr doesn't offer a CPU usage measurement for the Shared OpenSolr Cloud, since, obviously there are multiple users using a single instance or many instances at the same time, in which case, we measure the "stress" of each index, via the Bandwidth, which is actually the number of requests you send to our servers, and size of data that those requests return to your application.

It's basically a measure of the data that our servers are transferring to your application.
If you go ahead and look at https://opensolr.com/pricing you'll notice that the bandwidth is limited to 10 Gb (in the customisation sliders below the predefined packages). 

Therefore, if your index exceeds 10 Gb monthly bandwidth, or 5 Gb disk size, you should probably think about upgrading to either of the plans described on our services pagehttps://opensolr.com/faq/view/pricing/50/What-types-of-Solr-Hosting-do-you-provide

Hope this helps.

answered Apr 28, 2017 by admin (3,640 points)