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1. General data privacy terms

Becoming an Opensolr member, is only possible via the Opensolr Registration Form.
By becoming an Opensolr member, you agree with the Terms of Service, the General Privacy Policy, and this GDPR Privacy Agreement.

2. Data Collected by Opensolr

Opensolr collects mandatory minimal information about the user for the purpose of registration.
Such mandatory data is limited to: First name, Last Name, Email.
Opensolr members, may at any time alter the First Name and Last Name.
Opensolr members have the right, to optionally add more personal data, such as (but not limited to): Personal Website, Facebook ID, etc.
Opensolr members have the right, to optionally create Opensolr Cloud Index(es) and store any type of data in them.
Opensolr does not ever directly collect, store or process any billing, or payment information from the Opensolr members or any other 3rd parties, whatsoever.

3. Opensolr Personal Data Processing

Opensolr will never make any member's personal data information, public, nor will Opensolr ever sell or trade this information with any 3-rd party.
Opensolr will use the email as identification upon every login action.
Opensolr provides strict security measures for the data that is being stored and processed via the Opensolr Shared or Dedicated Cloud Servers.
Details on the Opensolr Cloud Data Security can be found at:
As stated at #2, Opensolr will never directly collect, store or process any billing or payment information from the Opensolr members, or any other 3rd parties, whatsoever.
All payments, and billing present on the Opensolr website, and, inside the Opensolr Billing Control Panel, is a front-end to the highly secure PCI Compliant, APIs of
Opensolr will never send any unsolicited emails, postal letters, of any kind.
All Opensolr communications are fully mandatory when becoming an opensolr member.
All Opensolr communications will be limited to the following:

  • System maintenance alerts
  • System emergency failure or action alerts
  • Membership alerts, such as (but not limited to):
    • Free trial expiration
    • Resource depletion (bandwidth exceeded, disk space exceeded, etc)
    • Other alerts which are otherwise vital to the Opensolr member, and the service provided by Opensolr.
    • Registration Welcome messages
    • Password retreival messages
  • Periodic Opensolr Cloud Systems developments that are relevant to all Opensolr members

To opt out of any of the above communications, please send a request to, for canceling your opensolr membership.


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