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Solr Traffic Monitoring API

With Opensolr, you can now use the Automation REST API, in order to find anomalies and audit your Solr requests, in many fun ways.
Here are some example API requests that you can make to get all requests in a csv format, JSON format for all requests, etc (you can use the start and rows parameter to paginate the requests, and grab all data through multiple requests, programmatically):

Using curl (simply login and then copy/paste any of these):

All requests from 1 day ago as csv (might take a while to load):

curl -gs "[]=date:[NOW-1DAY%20TO%20NOW]&wt=csv"

IP and Path facets on all requests since 1 Month ago:

curl -gs "[]=date:[NOW-1MONTH%20TO%20NOW]&wt=json&facet=true&facet.field[]=path&facet.field[]=ip"

Popular search queries Today:

curl -gs "[]=date:[NOW-1DAY%20TO%20NOW]&wt=json&facet=true&facet.field[]=q"

Today's http status code for all requests:

curl -gs "[]=date:[NOW-1DAY%20TO%20NOW]&wt=json&facet=true&facet.field[]=http_status"

Today's requests that have failed with 4xx error codes:
Get 20 requests per page:

curl -gs "[]=date:[NOW-1DAY%20TO%20NOW]&fq[]=+http_status:4*&wt=json"

Get all requests as csv (may take a long time to load):

curl -gs "[]=date:[NOW-1DAY%20TO%20NOW]&fq[]=+http_status:4*&wt=json"