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How to import data from XML files into your SOLR collection

How to enable solr replication

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Drupal Known Issues

Solr Index with HTTP Authentication

How to define new fields in schema.xml

Opensolr Backup Manager

Protect your solr index data

How to setup solr MySQL data importer

How to setup solr MySQL data importer

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Upload & import data from CSV to your Opensolr index

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Opensolr Resilient Cluster Explained - Billing

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Drupal Search API Opensolr

Drupal 6.x strings and integers

Drupal Connection Configuration Issue

Solr Cloud Drupal Config Files Setup

Get list of OpenSolr Index Backup files

Create OpenSolr Index Backup

Download OpenSolr Index backup file

Create Resilient Cluster

Delete core configuration file from the server

Get all the configuration files list from the server

Upload solr configuration via zip archive

Upload or update your opensolr configuration files

Get list of available environments and servers

Get a list of your OpenSolr Indexes

Get Index Details, Info and Stats

Reload a core - also used for troubleshooting