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Specify Crawl Mode when triggering start crawl

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Hi there,

Related to the start_crawl API, I understand that it has been changed to ‘crawl all domain links’ by default.

Is there any way we can specify in the parameter to make it  “crawl all host links”?

This is because recently we found that we couldn’t crawl all domain links for our site as it would crawl the subdomain links which we don’t want to.

We have a schedule task to trigger start_crawl API everyday, rather that start the crawl manually in the admin portal.

So it’s very much appreciated if you could assist us on this matter.
asked Mar 2 in Automation API by Beng Yap

1 Answer

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We've added the mode to the parameters list in the Automation API.

You can now specify the crawl mode.
Please find the update API documentation here:

For all documentation please refer to our Kowledgebase:

Thank you.

answered Mar 2 by admin (1,570 points)