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How do I enable managed-schema in opensolr?
asked Jul 15, 2017 in Solr Config Files by admin (3,640 points)

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In order to enable the schemaless mode, where your schema will be fully managed by your application, simply go to your opensolr control panel, click on the index name you wish to manage, and click on the CONFIG FILES tab.

Once there, select solrconfig.xml and replace any existing (if it exists) schemaFactory directive (usually not defined, or defined as simpleSchemaFactory) with the managed-schema as explained in the solr wiki pages as follows:

<schemaFactory class="ManagedIndexSchemaFactory">

  <bool name="mutable">true</bool>

  <str name="managedSchemaResourceName">managed-schema</str>


answered Jul 15, 2017 by admin (3,640 points)