Consumed bandwidth is more than expected

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I have signed up for a free trial to test out the service and Solr in general (this is my first time). On the pricing page it says that 2GB bandwidth is usually ok for an average traffic site - but I've found that in just 3 days of testing between me and the client I'm 24% into my bandwidth allowance (1GB). Obviously 1-2GB bandwidth a month isn't going to cut it once it's launched.

Is there anything I'm doing different that could be causing the bandwidth to be higher than it should be?

I'm using Drupal with Search Api Solr with around 5500 indexed items, with a fair amount of filters. Also proximity search.

Any tips?
asked Jun 26, 2017 in Shared Solr Cloud by mrchristoph (190 points)

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Your bandwidth is the amount of data that our servers are sending your application (drupal).
Each request is being logged and you can get a full report either using the stats tab in your opensolr index control panel, OR by using the REST API endpoint described here:

You can also use the SECURITY tab in your opensolr index control panel, in order to password protect your index, or, set IP access lists, in order to limit the access to your index from certain IPs and make sure it's not reachable by other that your own application, in order to possibly save bandwidth.

answered Jun 26, 2017 by Jim
selected Jul 4, 2017 by mrchristoph