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I am trying to create a new index using the API command:
and the proposed request:
Will always return:
Is there a list of available server_country values?
asked Apr 27, 2017 in Automation API by Andi

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It turns out that there was a minor glitch on our API systems. and this error should be done now.
You should be able to add your indexes using the normal API system.
answered May 8, 2017 by admin (3,640 points)
selected May 24, 2017 by admin
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Hey there

I tried the same thing, and it worked fine when trying to create an index in FRANKFURT_GERMANY

My request was:

I would suggest you double-check your API KEY, API EMAIL and the other parameters.
Also, try to use core_type=generic
Opensolr no longer supports the usual templates for indexes, since all files are editable and uploadable via the APIs, so, users can just set their own solr config-sets for their indexes.
Oherwise it should work just fine.

Can you try again and post the outcome here please?


answered Apr 28, 2017 by admin (3,640 points)
Hi. thanks for your answer. unfortunately it still does not work. I have copied the url (with my credentials) from your API docs. Even with core_type=generic it does not work. it always says SERVER_COUNTRY_DOES_NOT_EXIST

i created the index via your admin panel afterwards, where i am trying to upload a configset for typo3. it seems, that there is not way to create subdirectories using your zip-upload method. or did I miss something?
Hey there

1. Can you please post your exact request (including your api_key and email) , to so that we can debug it for you (you can then generate a new API KEY, for your security).

2. No, you can not create folders in the config structure.
That is however, only a minor inconvenience, since, you can just have all your files in the root of your archive, when you upload it, and all should work fine.

UPDATE: Also you can find a full list of the servers available to you, at: