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Written by: Open Solr Administrator

Open - stands for Opensolr

Yes, Opensolr.com is an open system. Which means, it wasn't built to only work with one technology or CMS or ERP or CRM or custom application.
We built opensolr.com to fit all your needs, regardless of how exactly you will decide to use it.

If you are coming from Heroku - WebSolr:

Simply follow these steps to migrate to opensolr:

1) Update your schema.xml and solrconfig.xml using your opensolr control panel (IT IS IMPORTANT TO FIRST UPDATE SCHEMA.XML and THEN SOLRCONFIG.XML)

IMPORTANT !!!! Download THESE schema.xml and solrconfig.xml !

After download go to the area as shown in the below thumbnail and just copy / paste the content of each file to the opensolr control panel there, and just click the SAVE button at the top of the edit area.

After that, go to the Access IPs tab and simply add all access to the /mlt request handler. 
You can also add more all access to other request handlers too, that aren't already in that list... Just to make sure.

When all this is done, make sure you setup your SOLR URL inside heroku to your opensolr URL. You can find that inside your opensolr collection control panel.

Please do not forget to share your success story in the comments section below !

If you get any errors while saving those files, please email us: support@opensolr.com




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